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For those who have known me since 2010, know I have one of those interesting fat-to-fit stories. I lost 21 kilograms in 5 months; went from size 40 jeans to size 28 and reduced my body fat percentage dramatically. I’d made some cliff notes on what I did to achieve this over here:

Over the many months that followed, I took part in multiple fitness related activities; listing some of them here:

  • Completed a round of Tony Hortons Power 90
  • A round of Beachbody P90X
  • Learnt how to swim
  • Ran… a lot – did multiple half marathons; I also ran the full 26.2 miles (My Garmin clocked it as 4 hrs 37 minutes)
  • Used to cycle for hours at length
  • Bulked up; and got significant gains

But all this seems like it was a long time ago. It’s 2017 – and for the past 18 months or so, I’ve gotten no exercise and have totally lost track of any diet regimes. My clothes wont fit me anymore; my “slim fit” button down shirts are all tucked away because i fear the moment i sit down, the buttons may turn into projectiles hurting the people infront of me.

I decided to run the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016; and, the lazy bum that I am; did no preparation thinking – if i could do it in 2014 in 1 hr 51 minutes – I can do it in 2017 with no prep in less than 3 hours. I did finish the run (2 hrs 31 minutes in case any one’s interested) – but I did so limping my way for the last 7 kilometers. My quads had become stiff by the time i had reached the 14 kilometer mark – and the entire impact of my stride went on my joints. It took 2 months for me to recover from the joint pains. Lesson learnt the hard way.

What happened to me? I could give a 100 excuses as to why “I don’t have the time to workout” – travel, personal responsibilities, customers, etc. But I know that’ll be just me fooling myself – If i wanted to, i could have found time to workout; if i wanted to – i could have followed a diet plan. But I became lazy – that’s what’s happened to me.

So yeah, I’m fat! Again! and it sucks. But I intend to change that!

I took my “before” pictures today – and in Hritik Roshan style ( ), I intended to share them with the world. But then i saw them again; I look ugly – the thought of putting these on the Internet is scary. Call me a coward – but I’d rather just share my “After” pictures.

I’m good at “90 day” goals – so starting tomorrow, for the next 90 days – I will do the following:

There; I’ve put in “On the Internet” – and shame on me if I can’t “do what I said I’ll do”.

Here’s are all the supplements I will use when following this regime.

  • Musclepharm Combat 
  • ON Optimen
  • ON Amino
  • ON Creatine Monohydrate
  • GNC Megamen 
  • Megamen Chews
  • Cellucor BCAA
  • Cellucor C4 Pre Workout
  • Garcinia Cambogia extracts (ZeroFat)

Abhijit Anand

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